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1. Why Assassin Wolves name?


- Firstly, why not? I choose whatever production name I like best. In this case, I like Assassin's Creed and wolves, put it together, bam!


2. What kind of movies do you make?


- Mostly Sci-Fi. Some music videos, documentaries. No AV!


3. Do you offer paid gigs?


- Currently, all involved operate on volunteer basis with a common vision for the future. This is non-negotiable, do not apply if you want a salary. We are not in a position to pay for the team. But... you might be waiting a long time to get a paid gig and in the meantime, you are wasting your time just waiting for an opportunity. For some reason, everyone these days think they are already Prime Minister. You need to work your ass off to get into such a position. You will never reach it, by doing nothing.


- We do cover your transportation expenses as well as food on long shoots.


4. So the projects are then not important for you?


- Let me be perfectly clear. I have enough projects to keep me going. These involve music videos, documentaries and live shows. I don't want to half ass a project, if I can't get a team or locations, then there is no movie.


5. Sounds like you have a lot of ego.


- Prove it! Humble me please. However, some of the applicants we got so far, sure do have an issue with ego as big as the Universe. I am very clear and honest about the work parameters. People who cannot even write an email in a courteous and polite manner will be ignored, simple as that. We don't work with rude people here.


6. What's your style of communication?


- Open and professional. As a director and producer of these projects, I am absolutely under no obligation to be your friend. It doesn't work like that in the movie world. Especially not the first time we work together.


7. Is it OK to insult you via email?


- If you want to be blocked right away, yes. I'm in the business for over 8 years, I will not take crap from anyone. I have not survived clinical death, to come back and deal with assholes.


This list may be appended in the future.







Short sci-fi film scheduled for May 2014. We currently need actors and movie crew around the Yokohama area, we will be shooting mainly in the Isogo area. Trailer is the "Videos" section.


Please apply to:


"Requiescat in pace"


Information regarding our upcoming project:


Requiescat in pace

Genre: Documentary
Length: About 3h 00




Thank you in advance.

James Robinson and Evgueni "JC" Goloubev
Assassin Wolves Films

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